balsamic prosciutto,芝士和火箭沙拉。

another simple italian supper in the form of a prosciutto,马苏里拉和火箭色拉淋上香醋。like thecaprese salad,this is very easy to put together and allows great tasting ingredients to harmonise on the plate.

sushi time,伯明翰。

satisfy your sushi cravings at the newly opened寿司时间in central birmingham.从精美的便当盒到一排精致的寿司卷,their menu showcases a variety of seafood and vegetarian dishes to mix and match.

Update: This restaurant has now sadly closed.

simple caprese salad.

三重红,green and white dancing on the plate,这个色拉是意大利色彩和风味的庆典。保持新鲜和简单是这个食谱必须的,我只是迫不及待地想和你分享一下nife is lifewhich i used to create it.


last weekend i donned my best floral dress,前往阳光明媚的伦敦,兴奋地前往l'厨师学校by圣保罗。因为我要成为麦卡龙的主人!或者至少,that was the hope.with a fantastic line up of macaron flavours to make,我们等不及要把筛子拿出来,烤盘内衬和搅拌机上创造多彩的待遇。


the last recipe asvini and bal's may blogger of the month是用他们火辣的米奇酱。承诺点燃你的调色板,this is the most potent of the range,用三种辣椒和混合香料加热。我选择了把它和鲑鱼鱼片搭配在一起,尝试着用自制的烤肉卷来平衡热量,里面加入新鲜的大蒜和爽口的酸橙。

pad thai with a difference.

a delicious mix of juicy king prawns,a squeeze of lime,a crunch of nuts and a handful of sweet coriander...flavours which make up the unmistakable elements of a prawn pad thai.但是在这个版本中,i've replaced the noodles with faux courgette noodles made in minutes with my julienne peeler.that's right,it's not just spaghetti you can replace with this cheeky little gadget.


在曼彻斯特的一个长周末里,it only made sense to find somewhere that did a decent breakfast.转向Twitter和其他美食博客,we thought火锅在曼彻斯特北部的四分之一地区听起来很完美。a good breakfast done well is just as important as lunch or dinner,在我看来。

with an ever changing,家常菜,the choices range from a hearty full english,哈吉斯和黑布丁,一直到奶油薄饼和玉米片馅饼。


跟随我大虾烧焦辣椒吉拉食谱维尼和巴尔上周的印度酱,i'm going vegetarian with this indian style lasagne made with chickpea,菠菜和番茄。而不是千层面,i used poppadoms for the layers which soaked up the flavours of their沙希sauce whilst remaining a little crispy.quite the experiment in emily's kitchen,如果你也能做到的话,我很想知道你的想法。

browns lane,loughborough.

a few weeks ago,i caught up with fantastically fabulous blogger charlotte of lifestyle blog夏洛特路易斯特.今年早些时候在伯明翰的一次博客会议上初次见面,we soon came to realise we live very close and share one of the best interests a person could have...食物!所以自然,we went to try out the lunch menu at布朗连在拉夫堡。


你最喜欢的本地熟食店或农场商店是中部地区最好的吗?让自己出名!thebbc good food showsare calling for nominations from local foodies to find and crown the midlands' best deli or farm shop for 2014.


用正宗的食谱加上浓烈的香料制成的土产印度调味汁,万博亚洲and yet,没有测量勺,prepared pastes or yoghurt and ghee required.维尼和巴尔sauces plan to revolutionise the way we cook for convenience, by offering a fresh approach to pre made sauces.

we're talking fabulous traditional punjabi spice blends made to keep fresh,so you can have a taste of cooking curry from scratch in your own kitchen.咖喱鉴赏家,如果你愿意的话。as theirmay blogger of the month,我将分享一些我用他们的酱汁做过试验的食谱,万博亚洲再加上一次赢得一些机会来尝试一下自己。

Onken Naturals:与Lisa Faulkner一起烹饪。

this week i braved the tube strike and headed to the capital for an exciting onken event.主厨Lisa Faulkner的烹饪示范和Angela Dowden的专家营养建议,myself and other foodies learnt some brilliantly inventive ways to use yoghurt in every day ingredient that i often use in indian dishes myself,i was intrigued by the line up of banana muffins and french onion dip.那我是怎么上的?